Planning Your SEO And SEM Strategy? Being Consistent Is Very Important

Search engine optimization experts often speak of consistency as a very important and essential part of a good SEO strategy. Well, this rule applies to social media optimization and social networking marketing as well. If you want to popularize your website, product or service on websites like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Quora and LinkedIn, then it is very important to be consistent in your approach and strategy.What exactly does one mean by consistency? Is it just about uploading content, posts, updates and tweets at regular intervals? Is it just about sticking to a fixed timetable in a disciplined manner? Well, there is no doubt that uploading content on a regular basis will help you extract the maximum benefits out of your strategy. However, consistency in SEO and SEM is not just about the regularity in adding new content.

What message are you trying to send across through your efforts? Are you trying to position your brand for a young population? Or are you targeting middle-aged individuals? Are you focusing on male web surfers? Or do you want to create a niche market focusing specifically on female Internet surfers? Once you have determined this aspect of your strategy, you should be consistent till the very end.Designing the strategy for a target audience consisting of middle-aged male web surfers and suddenly introducing content that will appeal to young teenage girls is going to confuse your audience. The audience will not be in a position to understand your mindset. They will either conclude that you are making fun of the entire process or that you are confused. In both cases, your brand will end up suffering negative consequences.Consistency does not mean you should not change your strategy at all. There is a possibility that your decision to target middle-aged men may not be a smart move. There is a possibility that your biggest audience base may consist of teenaged girls. In such a scenario, you will have to align the strategy in such a manner that it makes sense to everybody involved. You should even consider shutting down your social media account and starting afresh if you feel it will help your cause. In most cases, explaining what you have in mind and communicating your strategy will make a huge difference.Consistency also means that you will have to focus on your core strengths. Do you want to be well-known on the Internet for providing affordable services? Or are you going to charge a premium and provide high-quality service in return? It is easy to say that one should provide high-quality services at a very low price. However, there is no denying that some persons may prefer paying more for quality while others may focus on the cost of the product or service. Which customer base are you targeting? Have you analyzed the process of identifying such potential leads?

The process of appealing and attacking such customers should follow a strategic plan. The biggest advantage of having a strategic plan is that there will be clear continuity in your efforts. At no point of time will you feel confused about why you have taken a specific decision relating to your social media strategy. This will be possible only if you understand the importance of consistency.